The mission of Peace Lutheran Church is to reach out to others in the community and to share God's gracious love.

We are located near Earlham, Adel, Van Meter, Minburn, Desoto, Dexter, Stuart, and Redfield.

Peace is a faith community that is truly a country church. Our members live in at least three counties. We are blessed with members of all ages ranging from a few months old to over 90 years old. This means we are family in Christ, and kid-friendly. We are a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, (ELCA), though our identity is influenced by our members who are Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, and Quaker. It’s wonderful to have a healthy blend of Christian traditions.

Please join us as we walk together in faith with God, learn of God’s ways, and share Christian community.

Come visit us. We would love to share God's Word with you.